A School for Social and Cultural Change (SSCC)

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Short Video Introduction

A Brief Welcome to SSCC

Some General Information

Our online school - School for Social and Cultural Change, or SSCC - exists to help its participants deal with issues, answer questions, or arrive at capacities they seek. SSCC intends, therefore, to provide what students seek as best its instructors can.

Each course runs eight weeks. Weekly lectures are at least text and often also one video. Weekly Zoom sessions set up by the instructor enable direct discussions, questions and answers, and developing trust and insight as well as mutual aid for instructor and participants alike.

Most weeks include additional materials beyond the main lecture that either explore byways, or provide more depth, or related content. Everything offered is optional. Each student decides her or his own level of involvement. Instructors can include quizzes or other means of evaluation for participant self assessment. There are no grades.

Course are priced $100 full fee. However, there is also a low income price of $60, and a comfortably to high income price of $150. Funds go overwhelmingly to the faculty, all of whom are highly political actors - some needing the income for their own life conditions, others seeking it for projects they aid. Some funds also go to the hosts of SSCC to cover their costs for maintaining and promoting the whole endeavor, again for their own conditions or for projects they aid.

The success of SSCC depends on those who sign up and take courses and not just on that supportive act, but also on whether participants let others know of their experience so that attendance steadily rises.

We thank you all and hope your experience is fulfilling and the aftermath productive!