Revolt and Transcendence in Popular Music

Discusses producing, hearing, being moved by, and otherwise engaging with diverse schools and types of popular music, including associated playlists.

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Revolt and Transcendence in Popular Music explores why we like music, what music we like, what music types and styles are available, the relations of music to history and context and also to activism, the nature of the music industry, what a better music environment and industry would be like, and much more.

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Sandy Carter
Sandy Carter

Sandy was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and grew up in Amarillo, Texas. In the 1960s at the University of Texas, he became active in the anti-war, student, and civil rights movements. In the early 1970s he worked as community organizer in North Omaha, Nebraska. In subsequent decades he was active in organizing around workplace, community, and mental health issues.

His passion for music and the arts led to his writing about music, politics, and culture for Z Magazine over a period of 15 years. His writing has also appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Guardian, No Depression, and Southern Exposure.

More recently he has worked as a special education teacher and counselor with at risk youth in the Bay Area. In the mid-90s he worked as an entertainment manager for the Ash Grove, a legendary roots music venue in Los Angeles.

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